The Lieutenant Governor performs constitutional, ceremonial and community duties. Like the Governor General of Canada, he represents the Crown, but at the provincial level and in his own areas of jurisdiction. During a visit by His Majesty King Charles III or the Governor General, his powers are neither diminished nor withdrawn.

Constitutional Duties

Among the most important legislative duties performed by the Lieutenant Governor is giving assent to legislation. Once a bill has been passed by the members of the National Assembly, the Lieutenant Governor gives it royal assent. This is when a bill becomes a law.

Other constitutional functions performed by the Lieutenant Governor include:

At the executive level:

  • Appointment of the Premier
  • Appointment of cabinet ministers, on the recommendation of the Premier
  • Ratification of Orders in Council established by the Conseil des ministres

At the legislative level:

  • Inauguration of the National Assembly
  • Swearing-in of parliamentarians (power delegated to the Secretary General of the National Assembly)
  • Reading of the opening speech of a parliamentary session
  • Sanction of bills adopted by the National Assembly
  • Prorogation of a session of the National Assembly
  • Dissolution of the National Assembly
  • Call for general elections

Ceremonial Duties

As the official representative of the Crown and therefore the Head of State, the Lieutenant Governor acts as Head of State for the province and plays a key ceremonial role. The person who holds this position:

  • Greets and salutes the members of the Royal Family on their arrival and departure
  • Receives members of the diplomatic and consular corps when they visit Québec City
  • Presides over official ceremonies such as:
    • Medal ceremonies:
      • Lieutenant Governor’s Medal
      • Chancellery Medal
      • Medal for Distinguished Service (police, firefighters and emergency medical services)
    • Investiture, as Vice-Prior of the Order of St. John

The Lieutenant Governor also takes part in military and civilian events, as well as cultural activities.

Community Duties

The Lieutenant Governor performs many community duties in support of charitable, educational and social causes.