Honorary Patronage

Any non-political charity can apply for official support from the Lieutenant Governor.

During his time in office and as part of his duties, the Lieutenant Governor may grant his honorary patronage to not-for-profit organizations that meet certain well-defined criteria. He grants this official support at his own discretion and at the request of such an organization. His patronage ends at the end of his term of office. 

Honorary patronage represents the Lieutenant Governor’s formal support to the chosen organization. This mark of appreciation may vary. It could be a written message, an address, a meeting or participation in the organization’s activities.

This support does not mean that the Lieutenant Governor becomes the or an official spokesperson for the organization. The organization cannot use the patronage as a direct form of solicitation related to a fundraising activity unless it receives a formal and exceptional agreement from the Lieutenant Governor.

Honorary patronage is subject to the directives adopted by the Department of Canadian Heritage for all Lieutenant Governors.

Any organization that wishes to apply for honorary patronage must be non-political and dedicated to the well-being of the Québec community. The request must be made in writing and sent to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

Organizations that benefit from the Lieutenant Governor’s patronage